The Poster Session at the International Symposium encourages participants to become active in science and present the results of their work to the jury and colleagues. Each participant who wishes to participate must submit a 150-300 word abstract by May 1, 2021 and be prepared to give a five-minute overview of their poster at the Symposium on May 20, 2021. The Posters will be visited by many attendees at the symposium. As there will be a considerable number of posters in this session, it is important that the poster is clear, concise and well laid out for maximum impact.

Posters typically include pictures, data, graphs, diagrams and narrative text on boards that are approximately 841 x 1189 mm (A0 format). Authors are required to present their posters during scheduled times during the symposium. These presentations are more like elevator speeches that summarize the poster content with attendees that stop by the poster to view it and ask questions.

Please, adhere to the following format guidelines when preparing your poster:

  1. Posters will be arranged by submission category.
  2. Boards will be individually numbered and arranged by category.
  3. The title of your poster must be in lettering at least 2.5 cm high, and your poster must include your name and affiliation.
  4. You should include an acknowledgments section to thank colleagues for their help on your project (such as an adviser or fellow students).
  5. Your poster should include a clear statement of the problem you are addressing, essential experimental details, key results, a simple summary and conclusions or a design problem you are addressing as well as the clearly illustrated concept of your design solution (Architecture).
    1. For the design posters, the following drawing requirements need to be met:
      • Your design should be illustrated through site plan, key floor plans, sections, elevations and 3D renderings. 
      • Scale of the drawings should be determined in accordance to the size of the project.  Recommended scale is 1:250.
  6. Text should be minimized as few judges or attendees will have time to read many details. The lettering should be large enough to be legible 1 to 1.5 m away. Commercial names, logos, and trade names may not be used throughout the text.
  7. Drawings, figures, and scales should be clear and large enough to read. Make sure to include north arrow, dimension and label your drawings properly, indicate construction grids and elevations heights.  ALL drawings must be technically correct. 
  8. Posters should be self-explanatory; they should not require additional verbal explanations for the purpose of poster exhibition that is going to take place after plenary sessions.
  9. Posters will be judged on content, concept originality, design quality, technical correctness, potential impact on the community, novelty of approach, the aesthetic quality of the poster, and the verbal presentation.